An Oz-some Road Trip in Kansas!

Tacos and totos’ and… snow? Oh my! Our latest themed trip took place in Kansas, home of The Wizard of Oz! As I continue on with my U.S. National Park trek, I always make sure to see the fun and quirky highlights along the way. One of my favorite trip things to do is plan a themed trip! I could not pass up the opportunity to do a Wizard of Oz trip in the merry ol’ land of Kansas. It is pretty easy to do a Wizard of Oz-themed anything in the state of Kansas. They like to show off their pop-culture claim to fame. I ain’t mad at ’em! I decided to have a little fun with one of the greatest movies of all time, despite me shivering in my ruby slippers in the Midwest’s first major snowfall of the year.

Here’s how to follow the yellow brick road through Kansas:

First, pick a good travel buddy. Hi Mom! Make sure to get dressed up for the part, even if it’s just a few accessories!


Head on over to the city of Wamego. This is a Wizard of Oz wonderland. Park your car by Wamego City Park and across the street you’ll find the start of their yellow brick road. Follow it down the alley to Oz!



The Oz Museum in Wamego is absolutely adorable. It is filled with lots of cool memorabilia and photo opps. The creator of this museum was a really, really big fan and collector.





When you’re done with the museum, it’s lunch time! Check out Toto’s Tacoz just next door and get their “Yellow Brick Burrito.”

Once your belly is full, it’s safe to partake in a little wine tasting. Oz style! I was quite impressed with the wines at Oz Winery. Aside from the creatively cutesy names like “Witch Gone Good” and the “Flying Monkey,” it was very delicious. I helped myself to the big wine flight. Loved their tornado-effect wine flight holder!


If you’re not too much of a “Drunken Munchkin” by now, do a search and find out who might be performing The Wizard of Oz on stage nearby. We found an adorable production put on by a community arts theater just outside of Kansas City.

Don’t forget to get your themed snacks for the show!


A meet-and-greet with the cast, post-show. The little girl was so cute, she came dressed as Dorothy.


Then, it’s time to click the heels of your ruby slippers and follow the yellow brick road home.


But of course if you don’t have any ruby slippers, put on a pair of sneaks and just follow this yellow-lined road home.

Woman traveler walking alone with luggage along the street.

Toto for now!

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