Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

You know, I just can’t resist themes. Whether it’s party-planning, activity days with my niece and nephew or traveling… I like to theme it up! When I heard about the ice castles in Utah, I thought this is the perfect opportunity for a Frozen-themed getaway! Ok, how do you have a Frozen-themed getaway? Well first, you watch the movie. Snuggle up to your favorite kiddo or simply geek out on your own, collecting all sorts of fun bits to incorporate into your trip. Here’s how we did it!

Get crafty with your food! We made Sven sandwiches!


And Olaf hot chocolate! The first one is my pretty version. When I put it in the hot chocolate it sort of fell apart. Slight Pinterest fail. Had to switch to pretzel arms. Still cute though!

Go with your Bestie and get Elsa-fied and Anna-fied with themed everyday clothing! Do you like my Anna-inspired beanie?

Elsa and Anna                 Anna-fied

Have a snow day and build a snowman! Honorable mention for our Olaf Snowman. He’s more like an Olaf cousin.

Do You Want to Build a Snowman

We Build a Snowman

olaf photo

“Finish each other’s sandwiches!” My favorite line from the “Love is an Open Door” song.

Finish Each Others Sandwiches

And the grand finale…do a photo shoot at Ice Castles! There are a few places that do ice castle creations including Utah, New Hampshire and Colorado. It was truly unique. There were ice slides, fountains, bonfires and tons of photo opps!

Frozen Side by Side

Ice Castles Logo Wall

Carla Standing between Ice Walls  Ice Formations 1

Ice Formations 3

Ice Slides     Ice Slide

Lounging on a Log

Yingka Ice Walls

Yingka in Ice Crevice

They even light them up at night, which is a totally different feel.

Go and have the time of your life. And don’t forget the warm hugs 🙂

Ice Castle Warm Hugs

Warm Hugs

–The Time Traveler

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  1. Fantastic! Favorite blog post ever! You should hashtag (or whatever) the place you went. They would love this blog!


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