It’s About Time

Took me a minute, but here I am. My first blog!

I love taking epic trips. I love planning epic trips. I love sharing epic trips. I particularly love U.S. travel, especially National Parks! I have a life goal of visiting all U.S. states and all 418 National Park sites. I even have a nifty passport book I get stamped at each site. I always loved travel, but I never thought I had the time or money to do it.

Then I got breast cancer.

There is nothing like cancer to motivate you to get out and live it up. Before cancer, I spent all my time focused on being the best at my job. I never felt I could fit in a trip around my schedule, and I never thought I could afford it.

2015-12-25 08.13.40Well, forget that nonsense. Cancer looked me dead in the eye and said – GO NOW. I could take away your one chance at life. Where there is a will, there is a way.

So on July 14th 2015, 5 days after finishing chemo, me and my bald head began serial tripping. By the grace of God, in 2 years I’ve been on 28 trips, visited 33 states, 7 countries and 202 National Park sites. I also went through radiation, therapies, surgeries, career change, an out-of-state move and produced a couple dozen high-profile celebrity events. Ya. There is no excuse. I had the will and I found the way.

Unfortunately, in June of 2017 I joined the terminal cancer club of Stage IV Breast Cancer. Time is precious. I’m running out of time.  I pray God will bless me with many more years so that I can be a part of my family and friends’ lives, serve God, fulfill my purpose and reach my travel goals. If I get months, years or decades… I’ll be grateful and not waste a single day. Especially those vacation days 😉

I hope you’ll join me on my journey. I will be posting previous trips and new ones. I also hope this blog provides you with tips, tricks, ideas, moments of wonder and most of all – motivation to get out there and experience this beautiful world.

Because people… the time to travel is now!




10 thoughts on “It’s About Time

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  1. Love you darling and so proud of all that you have accomplished. You’re in inspiration to so many and truly could not be more blessed to have you in my life. ❤


  2. Dear Beautiful Cousin Carla. You truly are an incredible inspiration. Just now hearing of your progressed Cancer saddens me so, yet you have a way of showing through this you can do anything you set your mind too. So happy and proud for you of your travels and look forward to seeing many more years to come of pictures. I️ will be keeping you in my prayers through your journeys. Love, Linda


  3. Battleground, WA. Also remember Jacob lives down there by you in Beverly Hills. You both are crazy busy but it sure would be cool if you could connect.


  4. I am so happy you are doing these travels, Carla! How incredible. I cannot wait to hear more about this tomorrow. I am so sad the cancer has progressed, but F Cancer….go live your life! Which you are and I am so inspired. Thank you for making time to see me. xoxoxox


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